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Its been awhile...

A lot has happened but I've been too lazy to type it here. First though, I am engaged. Robert put an engagment ring on my finger while I was sleeping. Hes my whole life. We live together basically. I see him everyday. Hes at work right now though, with my brother. Second of all I got two tatoos. I have my cancer symbol which is a side way 69 on the lower back with a banner saying Cancer. I am going back to get it shadowed and colored with blue. On my shoulder, I have a started tatoo of a moon blowing out clouds and with stars. I have the outline of the black and we are going to do it a dark blue on the rest. I will take pictures and show u all once they are all finished. Robert's friend is ding them for free. He is almost professional but he is a damn good artist and has everything a local tatoo store has, or even more actually. He is very good, and its free, can't beat that. I had to take my other nipple ring out...was hurting really fucking bad. Anyways...not much is going on besides being in love...engaged, and tatooed. I do plan to write more but for some reason time is never there..

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