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I am back

I know I have not wrote anything for awhile. I have just been busy, or I guess you can say that. Anyways...not much is new. I don't work for Jim anymore. I work at Decision Data making 8.50 an hour just to make phone calls. I am still with Robert. I love him to death. He is basically everything to me. We have been dating for 6 months and he has helped me so much. I got my nipples pierced about 3 weeks ago. Hurt like a bitch but they are really interesting. My tongue is now a 8 gaged. I have two 12 gage in my ears and two 14 gage and two 16 gage. I have to gage out the rest of the holes later. And I have two 14 gage in my nipples. I went to Toyoko Rose with Sara last week I think it was. Saw Belle Morte. They kicked ass. I might change or add a few things to my website whenever I get the chance. Probably do a piercing section. Showing my piercings and my boyfriends and friends and just info on where you can get good work done. I am thinking about getting a tattoo soon. I found what I want. Its a wizard looking into a crystal ball. Looks tight but I don't know where I am going to put it at. Probably in the middle of my back. Anyways I soon got to go into town but I will write more whenever I feel like it.

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