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I am back

I know I have not wrote anything for awhile. I have just been busy, or I guess you can say that. Anyways...not much is new. I don't work for Jim anymore. I work at Decision Data making 8.50 an hour just to make phone calls. I am still with Robert. I love him to death. He is basically everything to me. We have been dating for 6 months and he has helped me so much. I got my nipples pierced about 3 weeks ago. Hurt like a bitch but they are really interesting. My tongue is now a 8 gaged. I have two 12 gage in my ears and two 14 gage and two 16 gage. I have to gage out the rest of the holes later. And I have two 14 gage in my nipples. I went to Toyoko Rose with Sara last week I think it was. Saw Belle Morte. They kicked ass. I might change or add a few things to my website whenever I get the chance. Probably do a piercing section. Showing my piercings and my boyfriends and friends and just info on where you can get good work done. I am thinking about getting a tattoo soon. I found what I want. Its a wizard looking into a crystal ball. Looks tight but I don't know where I am going to put it at. Probably in the middle of my back. Anyways I soon got to go into town but I will write more whenever I feel like it.

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what do you think you are the greatest thing to hit this world and to the rest of us meaningless lifes . robert isn't much and you know it as well as i do all you want is a piece of ass and to speak as lowelly of kevin as you do why don't you tell them how you where messing around on him with robert a little boy who is what i'm sorry 23 and he wanted a 16 year old girl why don't you also tell them how you got the job at spirits was it kevin who talked to raymond and got it for you hey why dont you tell them also about how you told him how much you said you loved him and wanted him in your life and how he left a chance to be with the scene that he loves and be a part of the music and do promotions for them would you also like them to know about how you told what to do with his life and how you wanted to do what ever you wanted with your friends also tell them about the time you FUCKED some guy in font of 20 other people and how you didn't know him longer than 3hours and that you also cheated i know for a fact that he left tenn. to come back to you and that you left him to mess around with robert didn't he give you his class ring to wear when you where dating kevin MAYBE YOUR A SLUT..... I'M SORRY I TAKE THAT BACK YOU ARE A SLUT AND YOU ARE BITTER TASTING TOO
haha i am not going to even bother...
First of all..Robert is 18. I never cheated on Stubbs...he fucked some chick while dating me....he fucked some other chick while living there....all the same time..trying to control me..i could give a rats ass about sex....i never cheated on me...i am 17 thank you....and stubbs is a fucking loser and so are you ...and stubbs never got me fuck off