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Well..I am bored..for once!

Today is my day off of work and I am bored. My boyfriend, Robert, who is the cook at Spirits, is working till 6. Than at 6 he is picking me up so I can stay the night at his house tonight because I don't have a ride to work Sunday morning. Robert is a kickass guy. Way better than that cheating low life fuck up Stubbs aka Kevin. Anyways....My tongue is healing really quickly which is shocking. It doesn't hurt and the swelling has gone down and I can talk now, normally. Yep so anyways..not much has been happening with me...I only come home to sleep because I am always at work or at King George...KG kicks ass..Its so quiet there. Tonight I am getting drunk as hell. I hope I still make it to work tomorrow, if not "Sketchy" might be pissed at me. Hehe..Hes our manager..he kicks ass! Anyways...I basically stopped hanging out with all those old friends...So much bullshit goes on and lying *cough* *cough* (You know who you are so stop pretending and you know I don't like you and I know you don't like me, so just stay out of my way) Yep I think I am going to go find something to do...I will write more whenever I get the chance..Bye all.

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