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La De Fucking DA

Hey. I just got back from seeing my boyfriend. God I miss him so much. I almost started crying today because I am so worried and scared shitless. He got a job today. They hired him on the spot. He gets his car in 3 weeks and he just needs to find a place to live now. I get my car in June. I am thinking about getting this car for $2500. Its nice and I was thinking about using my other $2500 for a kickass system in it. I want to get an eclipse, though. I want a kickass stero system in it and everything. Pimp it out. Hehe. I have $5000 to work with.

The only bad thing about my boyfriend having a job is that I won't get to see him that often. He is supposed to go to a rave this weekend, but he said he won't go so he could spend time with me. Which is sweet. I get a job this summer as well, so I don't know when I can see him. This chick at this tattoo and piercing place today thought I was sexy and asked my boyfriend about me. Shes sexy. Hehe. My boyfriend got his lower section of his belly button pierced about a week ago. I keep hitting it on accident. :( God I miss him!!! June 3rd, I go away for a week to the beach. Probably bringing Paula. We have going to have parties and have a kickass time. I am going to miss my boyfriend, though. He said that he doesn't want anyone else but me and that he loves me and wants to be with me forever. I really love him as well. I don't even think about other guys.

I updated my website. Added new pictures and what not. I will add friends pictures asap. My phone line is still fucked so I am using my brothers computer whenever he is at his girlfriend's place.

Anyways, I don't know what else to write so I am going to go. Write more later. Bye.
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