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Grr my life sucks...I guess that seems like what every normal teenager says, but my life really does suck. I mean, I have it made at home, but I could care less about all that. I just want freedom. I would give up my room and computer and everything that I own just to get out of here. My mother and I got into another fight today. She will never understand that she cannot change me and the only way I can change is if I want too. I am about to go to a funeral which I don't know why. My uncle died on Easter, but I hardly ever saw him. Stubbs and I got into a small argument today over yesterday, but things are okay I guess. April is just a shitty month. I guess after 3 months of dating there are going to be some complications, but I feel like hes too laid back in this relationship. I don't know. Anyways, I am about to go...write more later...
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